.....laura..... (oddlyenoughido) wrote,

it's that time again

american lit I: A-
british lit I: B+ (still in debate w. professor)
adv. conv. french: A-
aesthetics: A

still waiting on history grade...

my birss grade is also a B+, but it didn't show up as a registered class, so i'm thinking i'll pretend i never took the class because it lowers my gpa.. haha.

i had an A in the class, but dr hall lowered me on participation alone. it was a lecture course, so i don't know how much participation she was looking for. i missed one class, which was the showing of a movie.
i'm pissed, but rather than fighting it, i'll just ignore it and pretend it never happened. it was an extra class anyways, so i'm not short of any credits.

in brit lit, my calculation is different than hers.. and we sent a few e-mails back and forth, but in the end, we just set up an appointment at the beginning of spring semester and we'll finish figuring it out.

yup, i'm a nerd.
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