.....laura..... (oddlyenoughido) wrote,

christmas was fabulous and new years as well.

as most of you know, i spent christmas in nyc with my family instead of the traditional exchanging of gifts. so no gifts between family members, but we got to spend some much needed time together. saw the rockettes, the dirty rotten scoundrels on broadway, watched the skaters at rockefeller center, had some amazing brazilian food.. all in all a very nice time. though their smoking drove me insane, everything else went smoothly.

now, for my presents..
josh's mom and dad bought me a beautiful red pea-coat. it's exactly what i wanted, gorgeous.
josh's grandmother got me a red-wood statue of buddha and a scroll of these pandas.
josh's aunt and uncle got me earrings and a gift certificate for dunks
josh's brother jake got me a discman, going over the five dollar limit that we agreed on.. grrr. haha, ah well i really needed on that didn't skip.

and josh got my this gong that says "luck" in chinese characters.. it was my favorite thing at that asian exchange store.. he also got me another scroll, this one japanese... it was of a beautiful landscape

i got josh a poker set, two movies (minority report and black sheep) and a scrapbook, which i'm stiiill not done with, but as i am lounging around the house for the next week recovering from my wisdom teeth, i should have plenty of time to finish it.

for new years, i went to gaeton's place to keep company with harold, who is doing very well and is back at home. drank champagne and margaritas and watched football... it was a very good time.
there, my sister gave my a gift certificate to a day spa to congratulate me on quitting smoking (5 weeks now.. wooo). i think i'm going to do the therapeutic massage and get my eyebrows waxed. i'm so psyched.

i think i'm done waitressing for a long while. i'm out to get a job in bristol.. i'm thinking retail.. i've never had a retail job, but it must be nice not to be surrounded my food and grease all day long.

saw katie a couple days ago... she seems to be doing fabulously as well. i'm going to try to visit her for a week or two when she's in europe for several months to do part of her trip with her.

the lit mag is complete, so i have to make a trip to rwu to get the printing done and sign up for a booth to pass these suckers out. first day of classes, look out for them.
and valerie.. i'd like to come visit you while i'm up at school getting the printing done. then we can exchange christmas gifts... belated.

valerie: so sorry about sun. night... when i'm getting along with my family, i like to suck it aaaall in. so it lasted just about all night. now my sister is back in baltimore and i have no clue when i'll see her next... siiigh. bur i can't wait to give you your gift, so when i go up to school, i'll plan it around your schedule and see you.. maybe we can go grab some lunch (elsewhere than the student union) while i'm there.. ehh?

i have high hopes for 2006.
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