.....laura..... (oddlyenoughido) wrote,

if anyone still reads this thing:

Rhode Island Intercollegiate Independent Film Festival.

Hosted by yours truly.

Saturday, September 16th
7 pm till about 10 pm

Showing the top 3 films.

3rd place: Dante, RISD
2nd place: Word Picture Verses, RISD
1st place: An Uzi at the Alamo, RWU & URI

There will be food.

Located on the RWU campus, behind the Architecture Building. (if it rains, we will relocate to a room in CAS TBA).

Wherever any of you may be at this current time (as I have not seen many of you in quite a long while), I would appreciate it if you came out to check it out.

I would love to see a few friendly faces there. Please come and support independent films.. and me.
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